• Percentage of dirt road / paved

  • Route suitable for anyone who wants to have a first experience on dirt roads and for children. Reduced length and height difference, minimal technical difficulties.

  • Route of medium physical effort, for height difference and length but suitable for everyone with an E-mtb. First technical difficulties to be faced, avoidable by pushing the bike by hand.

  • Route of medium physical effort and which presents obligatory technical steps that are not trivial. A minimum of off-road experience is required.

  • Route that requires good physical preparation but open to most riders with this. Here a good riding technique and MTB training is useful.

  • Route demands both physical effort and technical difficulties, suitable only for those who have constant confidence with MTB. To be tackled at a speed and pace proportionate to your level of technical advancement and training.

The practicability by bicycle and the safety of the itinerary fall within the norm of MTB cycling routes, the route only involves public roads and paths and it does not appear that private properties are crossed without the approval of the owners themselves.

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